Fandex - Family Field Guide - Trees

Workman Publishing

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Fandex - Family Field Guide - Trees

 By Workman Publishing

This Family Fun Fandex: Trees Brings the world of TREES to your fingertips, FANDEX presents a foolproof field guide. Four visual keys--die-cut leaf, bark pattern, flower, nut or seed, and photo of the full tree--plus descriptions of habitat and more combine to give a complete picture of North America's forest and backyard trees.

In addition, TREES is a cultural history--of the mighty White Oak, California Redwood, Aillanthus, the tree that grows in Brooklyn, and the stately White Ash, as important for the bows of early Native Americans as for the baseball bats of today.

•    50 Die-Cut Cards - Anchored together so they won't get lost or out of order
•    Full Color Throughout
•    Knowledge at Your Fingertips
•    Field Guide For the Whole Family

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