Fandex - Family Field Guide - Dinosaurs

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Fandex - Family Field Guide - Dinosaurs

 By Workman Publishing

Author: Jane Hammerslough


The Fandex Dinosaurs Field Guide brings the ancient, extinct world of reptilian Dinosaurs right to your Fingertips! Meet Stegosaurus and Stegoceras (the head banger). An airborne giant, Quetzalcoatlus, with a wingspan the size of a WWII fighter. The meat-eaters: T.Rex, Giganotosaurus, and Allosaurus, who strode eight feet with every step—try out-running that! There are fish—like ichthyosaurs, including Excalibosaurus, named after King Arthur's legendary sword because of its long snout. The swift and deadly raptors. Sauropods that could strip the tops of trees, and the agile little Compsognathus, the size of a turkey. Each dinosaur is illustrated in amazing life-like detail, and accompanied by information on size, diet, and lifestyle. The deck also includes key paleontologists, fossil-finding methods, and a glossary. 

•    50 Die-Cut Cards - Anchored together so they won't get lost or out of order
•    Full Color Throughout
•    Knowledge at Your Fingertips
•    Field Guide For the Whole Family

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