Fairy Themed Pink Fun Fly Stick Dual Action Magic Levitation Wand


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The Fairy Themed Pink Fun Fly Stick Dual Action Magic Levitation Wand is a great gravity defying toy that now has a new attachment that allows no mess decorating for parties and more! Just like the original Fun-Fly-Stick the Dual Action uses the power of static electricity to mesmerize kids with magician like powers in levitating the 10 fun tinsel flyers that are included in this science kit! Navigate these shapes around a room or float them from side to side and amaze friends with your "magic" tricks! This set includes; 2 medium rings, 6 medium spheres, and 2 butterfly fun flyers.

The new Dual Action also includes a new attachment that makes awesome decorations stick to the wall with no mess, hassle, or marks! This is a handy tool for birthday parties or redecorating a child\'s room without using tacks, sticky tape or pins. Just take the plastic film decorations and hang them on the wall by rolling the attachment that transforms any plastic film into a static cling film! You can stick any paper on to the film which allows you to display your child\'s artwork with ease! Kit includes; 30 plastic sheets, 15 w/ pattern, 12 solid colors, and 3 clear colorless sheets. This easy to use dual action Fun Fly Stick creates many possibilities for fun, education about static electricity, and a decorating tool! Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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