Eye-Spy Magnifying Bug Viewer Critter Canister


$ 4.99 
SKU: TED04030

Eye Spy Magnifying Bug Viewer
Critter Canister

Eye spy a humongous bug!! Get a closer look at all sorts of small things -- bugs, flowers, stamps, coins and so much more! Each container has a magnifying lid with air holes to keep bugs alive while you size them up with the measuring grid on the bottom. One of the highest quality bug boxes you'll find.

  • Bug viewer jar is ventilated.
  • Made of clear plastic Jar w/ grid on bottom and Magnifying Lid.
  • Measures 2.75 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches high 
  • "Catch' Em View 'Em, Free 'Em"
For ages 5 and up.

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