EvREwares Sticky Tie Doctor Wearable Fabric Stickers

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EvREwares Sticky Tie Doctor Re-Wearable Fabric Stickers


Do you feel the need to announce your confident ego to those around you without having to open your mouth? Use this "Trust me I'm a doctor" sticky tie to let everyone know that you can be trusted in any situation. Funny gift for the real doctors in your life!  This tie is a sticky fabric that will stick to your shirt! Just peel the paper backing off and then stick the tie on to your shirt! And it is reusable and re-wearable! It will stick over and over again! After removing the tie, just store it safely on walls, doors, mirrors, or any where! This is a "Big Guy" StickyTie and measures approximately 11.25 inches long and 4.5 inches wide at the widest point. Made in the USA.

StickyTies will not tear, can be wiped clean, leave no residue, safe on any surface, and are reusable. Stickyties work best on clothing or surfaces that are free of loose fibers. Lifespan of StickyTies increases dramatically when used as directed on smooth, lint-free surfaces. evRewares are nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and 100% biodegradable.

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