Evolving Tadpoles - Life Cycle Tadpole to Frog Transformation

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Evolving Tadpoles-Tadpole to Frog Transformation

Track the incredible transformation from a tadpole to a frog with this rubber Evolving Tadpoles set.  It starts with an early tadpole-newly emerged from its soft, jelly-covered egg; the tadpole is fishlike in appearance and has no visible legs.  Then it turns into an intermediate tadpole-as the tadpole grows, stumps appear on both sides of its body.  These stumps develop into muscular hind legs, and later front legs.  The third stage is the tadpole with legs-many other changes occur during the tadpole's metamorphosis.  Lungs replace gills, mouth and eye become bigger, and the intestine shrinks.  The final stage is a pre-frog-as the tail shrinks; the tadpole continues to develop until it has become a young frog.  Its metamorphosis will be complete when the last part of its tail disappears. 

  • Includes four pieces ranging from 3" (7.6 cm) to 4" (10.2 cm) long
  • Comes packaged on an illustrated blister card

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