Erasers 25 ACTION Popular and Collectible Japanese 3D

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25 ACTION Popular and Collectible Japanese 3D Erasers

The Action Assortment may contain any combination of the following: Fire Truck, Bus, Helicopter, Monster Truck, Hammer, Saw, Pliers, Screw Driver, Ambulance, Truck, Fire Truck with Ladder, Police Car, Pirate, Shoe, Hand.

The average eraser size is about 1"-1.5" in diameter.

Canister measures about 6.5" x 4.5" x 4.25".

Ever wished that you had a stylish new way to correct your mistakes?  Now you can Stylishly Erase your mistakes with these amazingly detailed colorful pencil erasers! Take them apart, Put them back together.These Little Puzzles are Great Fun for Play and they work too!

A Great collectible prize for school carnivals.
A must have for and all kinds of party favors.
Incentives the elementary crowd... but also a hit with the older set.... and...
They are really CUTE!

Collect them all!    Other Eraser sets include:

Just For Fun: includes Ducks in 2 styles, Puzzle Cube, Cars, Hearts, Finger Signs, Ice Cream Cone, Sea Horse, Shoe, Crayon, Cell Phone, Bee, Rocking Horse, Tennis Ball, Tennis Racket, and French Fries.

Animals: includes
: Zebras, Elephants, Pigs, Dogs, Birds, Giraffes, Dinosaurs, Sheep, Snails.

Possibly includes: Hammer, Saw, Hamburger, Hot Dog, Cake, Ice Cream Cone, Green Dinosaur, Orange Dinosaur, Bumblebee, Lady Bug, Pirate, Love, Truck, Sheep, Giraffe, Shoe, Crayon, Hand, Cellular Phone, Truck, Penguin, Dogs, Sea Horse, or Ping Pong.

Recommended for Ages 5 and up.


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