Endangered Animal Nature Tube with Play Mat by Wild Republic

Wild Republic

$ 9.99 


Endangered Animals Nature Tube

with Play Mat

by: Wild Republic


Looking for something to take in the car or on vacation for the kids to play with that will not take up a lot of room? Then look no further because the Nature Tubes by Wild Republic will do the trick. The Endangered Animals Nature Tube comes filled with different animals that are on the verge of being extinct. The tubes are packed out with these cool items. Not to mention the back slides out to reveal a cardboard play mat that measures 12.75  X  7.375 Inches. Each tube includes animals such as panda, gorilla, Galapagos tortoise, orangutan, tiger, cheetah, rhinoceros, Komodo dragon and wolf. The animal figurines range from approximately 38x12x46mm (LxHxW) to 80x24x37mm (LxHxW).

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