EMOTICONS Solar Powered Color Changing Rubber Bands Stretchy Shapes 20pk

EMOTICONS Solar Powered Color Changing Rubber Bands Stretchy Shapes 20pk - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Stretchy Shapes

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 Solar Powered Bands By Stretchy Shapes

Quantity of one pack of 20 Fun In The Sun shapes.
 Includes 4 each of 5 shapes:   Joy, Winking, Happy, Sad, and Goofy

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New and super cool: solar-powered Emoticons! (Parents: Emoticons are what your kids put in emails and texts to show their mood, in case you're not up to speed.) Like :) and :( - got it? And SOLAR POWERED? Yes, solar powered. These bands are translucent white when indoors, but when you wear em in the sun, the colors change to red, purple, or blue before your eyes. Back indoors, they change back to white again and again. How cool is that? Like emoticon magic, we tell ya!

 The Emoticons pack contains five custom-designed shapes available only from Stretchy Shapes: Joy, Winking, Happy, Sad, and Goofy. That's :D, ;), :), :(, and :P. An all-kid test group helped us develop these texting designs, so we know all of the text-crazy gadget-fans out there are going to wanna get their textin' fingers on these. Our bigger bands are stronger than the competitors and are nice and comfy on the wrist. There are four of each design in a pack, for a total of 20 bands. And ALL of these bands are solar powered, NOT just a few of them.
This is something you have to see to believe! The color changing effect is not shabby either, these bands change colors virtually instantly when exposed to sunlight, and return to the white color fairly quickly after losing exposure. They are just perfect for any sunny activity.

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