Elmers Education Grow Giant Glow In The Dark Geode Activity Kit Scientific Explorer


$ 19.99 

Elmer's Education  
Giant Glow-In The Dark Geodes Science Activity Kit

by Scientific Explorer ™

This is the first and only glow-in-the-dark geode kit. Imagine turning out the lights and seeing the eerie glow of your giant geodes – their hollow orbs glittering with glowing crystals. The kit includes a mold and casting plaster for two geode halves, glow powder, growing chemicals, and a science guide. Your giant sparkling geodes will sprout with glass-like glowing structures, growing realistic crystal formations in two to three days. Great for science fairs and family learning.

Ages 9 and up with adult supervision.

 Package Dimensions Approx: 10 x 12 x 3 inches

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