Educational Insights Bright Basics Nest & Stack Cubes

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Early learning really stacks up with Educational Insights Bright Basics Nest & Stack Cubes! Ten stackable, nestable cubes feature cute animals, shapes, and stars on each side. Little ones flex their developing cognitive powers to complete the picture by stacking or nesting the starry-themed cubes in size order. Kids build motor skills and basic math skills while they play. Completed stack stands over 3 feet tall!  
  • Early learning stacks up with 10 stackable, nestable cubes featuring animals, shapes, numerals, quantities, and starry scenes
  • Stacking and nesting builds early math skills, promotes cognitive development and develops fine motor skills
  • Cubes feature ascending numbers with animals to support number learning and introduce the concept of quantity
  • Blocks stand over 3 feet tall when stacked
  • Includes a parent guide packed with engaging activity ideas
  • Part of Educational Insights’ award-winning line of products
  • Designed for kids ages 2 to 4

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