Eco Plant Pals Kit w/Seeds - Polka Dot Patty

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 Eco Plant Pals Kit w/Seeds - Polka Dot Patty


The Polka Dot Patty growing kit is Ecological! Now it is easy to grow your own Polka Dot Plant with Pink, red and white spots. This clear plastic, biodegradable pot and dome are made from corn right here in the USA! Patty loves to be in her hometown and rarely leaves. She loves to keep her house clean and organized. Patty is very close with her parents and they often visit. Her spots are figurative patterning and similar to the stripes on a Zebra! This complete kit has everything you need to get started: *3 inch diameter, growing pot and dome made from corn. *Polka Dot Plant seeds (Hypoestes Phyllostachya), 15mg. *Premium Sprouting Mixture. *Natural Gravel. *Polka Dot Patty sticker. *Polka Dot Patty Trading Card. *Complete Instructions. Made in USA. Safe for ages 4 and up

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