Dynamo Mini LED Flashlight Hand Cranked;PURPLE

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PURPLE Dynamo Mini LED Flashlight Hand Cranked
by Kikkerland

Quantity : 1 Yellow Dynamo Flashlight 
You know that old cliche of "less is more?" Whoever came up with that little phrase couldn't have known about this dynamo flashlight when they wrote it, but we feel that it epitomizes their point nicely. This miniscule flashlight fits snugly in the palm of your hand, and is exceedingly light. But when you flip the switch to turn it on... well, we suggest you avert your eyes; this little guy is bright! And the coolest part? It doesn't require any batteries. It features a built-in dynamo which can be powered by way of the small hand crank on the side of the flashlight. Just a few seconds of cranking affords you some serious lighting. The flashlight also features a convenient strap so it won't be easily lost. Light up your life with one of the coolest, and smallest, LED dynamo flashlights out there! Features:
* Super-bright LED lights
* Fits in the palm of your hand
* Charges with a dynamo and hand-crank
* Recommended for ages 8 and older.
               * Measures: 1.5  x  1.25 x .5 inches

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