Duncan Pro Z with Mod Spacers Yo-Yo Hardcore Series - Colors Vary


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Duncan Pro Z with Mod Spacers Yo-Yo Hardcore Series

Colors Vary


The Duncan Pro Z with Mod Spacers Yo-Yo is really 2 yo-yos in 1. Pro Z yoyo features patent pending shape changing spacers that allow you to modify the shape converting it from a standard looping style yo-yo, to a wide body string trick yo-yo. Pro Z makes tricks easy to perform with its high speed ball bearing axle for long spin times, and starburst response system for quick returns. Colors vary in red, blue, green and black. Your color will be chosen by us from our in stock inventory. Age 8 and up.

Yo Yo Specs:

  • Weight:    54grams (60grams with spacers),
  • Diameter:    56.95mm,
  • String Gap:    2.85mm (2.95 with spacers), 
  • Shape:    Standard (Flared with spacers),
  • Ball Bearing:    5 x 10 x 4,
  • Response System:    Starburst (Friction sticker with spacers)
  • Width:    28mm (39.3 with spacers),
  • Duncan model 3516XP.



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