Dragonfly Garland Set - 9 Hand Painted Dragonfly Pieces

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Dragonfly Garland Set - 9 Dragonfly Pieces
  6 Different Colors of Dragonflies
Great, easy decorating.


1 Package of 9 multi colored (Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple and Blue) dragonflies strung together with a single strand of invisible line and weighted with a multi-faceted bead.  Hang them anywhere.  Makes for a great gift.  Can be used to liven up the decor of any home!  Would look great hanging in a closed in patio or porch.

  • These dragonflies are made out of recycled feathers that are hand painted with beautiful details.
  • Dimensions of garland: 78" long
  • Each dragonfly is approximately 3.5" long and has a wingspan of 5".


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