Dowling Magnets Adhesive Extra Thin Magnetic Tape with Dispenser, 3/4 Inch x 25 Feet

Dowling Magnets

$ 9.95 


Magnetic and adhesive tape all in one, Dowling Magnets Adhesive Extra Thin Magnetic Tape with Dispenser is perfect for making flat lightweight items magnetic. Dowling Magnets Adhesive Magnetic Tape offers an extra thin adhesive magnet tape which includes a convenient dispenser. Ideal for the classroom, office or home. Simply pull the magnet tape to desired length, tear on serrated edge of dispenser, peel and stick the adhesive side to a clean smooth surface. Perfect for lightweight objects such as photos, art projects and more. This magnet tape will attract to metals such as filing cabinets, racks, lockers, toolboxes, and refrigerators. Roll measures 3/4" by 25 ft. (20mm x 762cm).

  • Perfect for making lightweight objects magnetic
  • Light adhesive and light magnetic holding power
  • Magnetic Tape Roll measures 3/4" by 25 ft.(20mm x 762cm)
  • WARNING: Use caution near computer and TV equipment as magnets can cause damage.

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