Dinosaur Hatchling Excavation Kit - The Herbivores, Set of 3

Dinosaur Hatchling Excavation Kit - The Herbivores, Set of 3 - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Herbivore Dino Hatchlings - Set of 3
by GeoCentral

Hidden within the plaster block of each kit, lies a dinosaur hatchling. It is up to you to use the included brush and digging tool them free them. Each kit contains a different dinosaur, with this set being all herbivores: the triceratops, apatosaurus, and the stegosaurus.

A "Hatchling" is the name that is given to any animal that is born from an egg. Like some of their ancestors that exist today, most of the dinosaurs that lived on land would lay eggs. While some of them would lay their eggs in holes or burrows, covering them with dirt and leaves, others would build nests on the ground, like an ostriche or penguin does today. Over the years, different kinds of dinosaur eggs have been found and excavated. Some of them have been as small as an inch across, while others have been as large as a football. While some of them would leave their eggs, and hatchlings, to fend for themselves, other dinosaurs would protect their nests and take care of the newly hatched babies until they were big enough to fend for themselves.

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