Desert Jasper Freeform Hand Polished 1.25 Inches w Info Card

Squire Boone Village

$ 4.99 


Beautiful, Desert Jasper Freeform Hand Polished Gemstone 1.25  Inches 

Information Card Included 

Quartz minerals are made of silica and oxygen often with other trace elements present.  The other trace elements are what give Jasper its many distinctive colors.. Desert Jasper is  also known as Polychrome Jasper. This nearly round specimen has been carefully polished to enhance its appeal.

Among some gemologists,  Desert Jasper is said to  bring stability, balance and grounding to ones life.


Quantity: 1 Beautiful, Desert Jasper Freeform (almost round) Hand Polished Polychrome Gemstone

    Picture is representative of the specimen you will receive. Each gemstone is unique and will vary in shape, size and appearance. No two samples will be exactly alike.
Origin: Madagascar
Ages 8 and older

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