Deluxe Edition Sea-Quarium w/Sea-Saurus Eggs & LED Light

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Grow your own underwater adventure in the Sea-Quarium, and watch it all through the 5 different sized magnifying portholes. You can even shed some light on the underwater seascape with the included LED lights. Use just the red, only the blue, or go for broke and use them both. It also has a timer, so you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. Just set the timer, and walk away! The Sea-Quarium has been crafted through an injection molding process, and is made of one single piece of plastic. It sports five magnifying lenses on the curved front pane of the tank, while the hinged lid holds the LED light properly in place. The lid also features a number of vents to promote airflow, and can even accommodate the airline for the included hydro-pump.

The Sea-Saurus eggs just need a little bit of incubation (follow the directions), and then they'll spring to life ready to drag a pirate ship or merchant vessel down into the depths of the ocean. OK, maybe they won't do that. But since they swim on their backs using their multiple legs, it's not hard to imagine that a bigger version of them out in the wild might have been responsible for something like that!
They typically sport a reddish-orange color, though they have also been known to be gray, a translucent white, and even blue-green. Their coloring depends on two things: what they eat, and what's in the water with them.

They have a very limited life cycle of approximately 6-8 weeks, but females are capable of producing 10-150 eggs at a time! Keep your tank clean, and you'll be able to have multiple generations of Sea-Sauruses swimming around. Their eggs are so durable, that even if their pond were to dry out, they're capable of surviving. And once they're exposed to water again they hatch, ready to go on with their lives.

This Deluxe Edition Sea-Quarium comes complete with Sea-Saurus eggs and food, a tank with lid, an LED light unit with USB power cord, a hydro-pump, decorative gravel, a background decal, 2 lily-pad seeds, and a set of instructions on how to properly get started and take care of your new sea monsters.

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