"Curlicue" 22mm Handmade Art Glass Marble w Stand - Set of 4

"Curlicue" 22mm Handmade Art Glass Marble w Stand - Set of 4 SALE
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House of Marbles

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SKU: HOM139154-PK4

Hand crafted art glass marbles by House of Marbles

Impressive in detail & beautiful to behold. These lovely 5/8 inch shooter marbles are intricately designed and crafted in winding swirls of multiple colors ... all encased in crystal clear glass shells. This is a beautiful collectible marble set that will surely create a conversation whenever they are used or placed on display! This set includes all 4 of the Curlicue patterns.

Hand crafted marbles will exhibit a “pontil” mark where the marble was attached to the “punt” during the creative process. Each hand made marble may display a "punt" or "pontil" mark that indicates it is an individually crafted art glass marble blown freehand. This small mark is an indication of the individually crafted art glass manufacturing process, it is not a flaw or damage. Because each one is handmade, no two marbles of a given pattern will be exactly the same.

Comes with 4 ring style, stainless steel, display stands.



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