Crystal Flowers Craft Kit by SentoSphere


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Crystal Flowers Craft Kit

Create More than 8 Transparent Flowers

Floral Crafting Kit made in France by SentoSphere

This set allows you to create more than 8 flowers that look as if they are made from filigree glass. Actually they are created with stained glass-effect paint. To make them, all you have to do is shape the stems in a mold and then fill them with the paint provided. In a few minutes the water evaporates ans the color becomes crystalline. Then you assemble the petals and your crystal flowers are complete and ready for display!

This Crystal Flower Craft Kit Contains:

  • 10 tubes of colored paint. Each contains 0.33 fl ounces

  • 2 petal shaped molds

  • 50 bendable stems

  • 1 small roll of green stem covering paper

  • 1 pack of Patarev modeling clay to serve as a base for your flowers.

  • 1 set of photo illustrated instructions explaining each step to be followed.

The Mission at SentoSphere is to encourage children's innate curiosity and innovative play. All SentoSphere products are designed to let children explore their creativity, their imaginations and their talents.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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