Crossword V-Cube 3 Puzzle Cube, with Flat Sides

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Crossword games meet 3x3x3 puzzles in the Crossword V-Cube 3 Puzzle. It is the projection of the Crossword puzzle on a V-Cube 3 flat! Each side of this cube is covered in crossword boxes, making solving this cube puzzle no small feat. This 2.24" cube requires excellent problem-solving skills and concentration and will challenge even the most experienced cubers! Don't make a move unless you’re an expert!

V-Cube products are a uniquely designed and constructed series of skill games. They are 3D mechanical cubic puzzles that rotate smoothly on the 3 based axes for the coordinate system. The V-Cube collection was invented in 2008. The technology allows for endless possibilites. The smooth mechanism allows for easy movement when solving the puzzle. Each V-Cube comes complete with an instruction booklet and the solution to solving the puzzle.

  • The Crossword V-Cube 3 is a complicated 3x3x3 puzzle from V-Cube
  • Crossword enthusiasts and cubers alike will enjoy this puzzle
  • Twist, turn and solve it all over again! Smooth rotation and solid design creates fun that lasts
  • Classic flat design, measures 2.24"x2.24"x2.24"

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