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Cool Science: Living Putty Magnetic Science Kit

Be Amazing Toys

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Living Putty Magnetic Science Kit
by Be Amazing!
Learn About Magnetic Fields
Watch the Putty Move and Eat the Magnet
Contains apx .5 oz of Living Putty
Living putty stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, and tears like paper.  It can even shatter like ceramic (When living putty is hit with a super fast force like a hammer, a high-speed blender, or dropped from a very high height, it acts like a solid and breaks into pieces).  Use living putty to work out your stress, unlock your creative powers, and to ponder this and other worlds.  This putty is infused with millions of magnetic bits.  Living putty is nontoxic and safe.  Made right here in the USA.  Living putty will never dry out.  Charge putty with a magnet to enhance its magnetic properties and observe as it slowly creeps around and practically swallows the magnet that comes with the putty.  Your Magnetic living putty is infused with millions of nano-magnets that give this putty its special properties.  As it is, this putty will react to the presence of a magnet.  To make this putty an exponentially strong magnet itself, you can ‘charge’ it by aligning all its particles with rare earth magnet.  We recommend a neodymium magnet or other strong magnet to really watch the living putty come to life and swallow the magnet whole.  Once charged, this putty will have lots of fun magnetic powers.  It will attract a magnet or other pieces of Magnetic living putty.  It can repel a magnet and then attract it back again or move, roll, and lift a magnet from a distance.  You can make it pick up lightweight metal objects, and lock a tendril in space against gravity.  Magnetic living putty can reveal the shape of the field lines emanating from a permanent magnet.  When you manipulate and smoosh Magnetic living putty, all the millions of micro-magnets are pulled and oriented in random directions.  This cancels their magnetic field.  To regain the magnetic properties of Magnetic living putty, expose it to a magnet again and the particles will realign and face the same direction.
NOTE:  The videos you may find on YouTube are time lapsed and will show the magnet being engulfed faster than reality.  Over time, the living putty will totally surround the magnet and the magnet will disappear within the putty.  However, this does not happen quickly.  

Kit contains:


  • Metal Tray
  • Bar Magnet
  • Magnetic Putty
  • Ages 8 and up.

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