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Cool Science: Jiggly Jewels Super Growing Marble Beads

Be Amazing Toys

$ 8.95 
SKU: BAT5845

Jiggly Jewels Super Growing Marble Beads
by Be Amazing!
Grow giant colored marble jewels! They giggle when grown!
Learn the amazing properties of polymers (all those crazy things that absorb water).
  A great gift for kids interested in science or just super cool things! Use Jiggly Jewels to grow giant colored marble jewels, nifty jewel like rocks, and cool round fish eggs.  After adding water it takes about a day for these awesome objects to grow to around 600 times their original size! Simply let them dry and they shrink again!
Kit contains:
Plastic cups
Giant Colored Beads
Colored Fish Eggs
Giant Expanding "Rocks"
Ages 8 and up.

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