Colorful Mineral Rock Kit 15 Piece Collection w Info Card

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Colorful Mineral Rock Kit 15 Piece Collection
 Information Card Included

   When light strikes the surface of a mineral, some wavelengths will be absorbed and some will be reflected. The color we see results form a combination of reflected wavelengths of light. For some minerals, color is a fundamental characteristic of its chemical composition. Minerals are not just black & white. Pink, yellow, green, & blue minerals in this collection show the many varieties of colorful minerals found in this world. Specimen sizes are approximately 1" x 11/2".

Rock Specimens Included:

1. Alabaster Gypsum
2. Onyx
3. Sulfur
4. Rose Quartz
5. Microline
6. Dolomite
7. Hematite
8. Magnetite
9. Pyrite
10. Kyanite
11. Amethyst
12. Calcite
13. Olivine
14. Malachite
15. Fluorite



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