Color Diffusing Paper Snowflakes Kit w Poster by Roylco

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Color Diffusing Snowflakes Kit

 by Roylco

Forming frosty wintertime designs is easy and fun with this Color Diffusing Paper Snowflakes Kit. Inspire your students with a beautiful snowflake poster featuring snowflakes that have been formed at different temperatures. Once students learn about snowflakes they can make their own with the fabric like color diffusing paper in this kit. It is easy to fold the pre-cut snowflake and cut out wedges to make intricate shapes. Decorate with watercolor paint, markers or crayons. Snowflakes are about 10 Inches (25cm)wide.

A Great Way to Introduce Children to the Science of Winter Weather.

Color Diffusing Paper Snowflakes Kit Includes:

  • Lovely Snowflake Informational Poster Measuring Approximately 17 x 22 Inches (43 x 56 cm).  
  • 40 Color Diffusing Paper Snowflakes to Cut Out and Decorate.
  • Illustrated Instructions.  


Recommended for ages 4 and up

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