Cold, Cold Heart - 3D Heart Shaped Ice Mold

Fred & Friends

$ 12.95 

 Cold Cold Heart
3D Heart Shaped Ice Mold
from Fred & Friends
A warm heart is fine for playing with kittens, but when you're staring at a warm beverage, what you really need is a Cold, Cold Heart. The two-piece, dishwasher-safe silicone mold snaps together to create a 3-D heart that's hard to beat.This ice mold will give you a large (2.5") ice cube in the shape of a heart. To get the most clear ice, it is best to use boiled or distilled water when forming the ice cube.

Warning: Ice melts in heat.
Food safe.
Dishwasher safe
Not a toy. Ages 12+

Made of Silicone

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