Club Earth - Banana Slugfest - Realistic Sticky Slug Toy (2 Slugs in Pack)

Play Visions

$ 5.99 

Club Earth Banana Slugfest Realistic Sticky Slug Toys (Pack of 2)
by Play Visions
Sticky, slimy, creepy, crawly 3.5 inch Banana Slugs crawling up a tree in a neighborhood near you! Made of soft elastic stretchy material, these are so real looking they even made us shiver! We made these a bit "sticky" so you can position them anywhere you like.
Back of Package contains many interesting facts about Slugs!
Caution, may stain rubber surfaces, latex painted walls, wallpaper or natural wood surfaces.  If your sticky slugs get dirty, you can clean them with mild soap and water.  Or, you can gently press a strip of adhesive tape against them.
  • Measures approximately 3 .5 inches long by 1 inch wide
  • Ages 5 and up

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