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CLEAVAGE is the tendency of minerals to break along preferred directions. Some minerals tend to have on direction of cleavage called pina-coidal cleavage. Some minerals cleave in two directions and this is referred to as prismatic cleavage. Minerals that have cleavage in three directions not at right angles have rhombohedral cleavage. If the cleavage is in three directions at right angles it is cubic cleavage. Cleavage in four directions is called octahedral cleavage. 1. MUSCOVITE Pinacoidal Cleavage 2. FELDSPAR Prismatic Cleavage 3. BIOTITE Pinacoidal Cleavage 4. SPODUMENE Prismatic Cleavage 5. CALCITE Rhombohedral Cleavage 6. HALITE Cubic Cleavage

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