Clarke's Crystal Cellular Box Kite w/Fiberglass Frame, 53x31"

Clarke's Crystal Cellular Box Kite w/Fiberglass Frame, 53x31" - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Clarke's Crystal Cellular Box Kite
by Premier Kites

Originally designed by David Clarke/Windy Kites of England, this intricate and unique kite is a stable and steady flyer, with its fiberglass frame and Ripstop Nylon fabric. By coloring the fabric at the outer edge of the crystal black, rather than continuing the color all the way outward to the fiberglass frame, the center of the crystal becomes highlighted, making it not only easier to see, but a much more visually pleasing structure.

This kite is of the cellular box kite variety, because it is made up of multiple boxed, or cells. It comes with a black nylon storage bag, which helps to prevent any damage that may occur when the kite is not in use. Clarke's Crystal measures 53x31" (WxH), and has a wind rating of 10-18mph.

Please note that this kite does NOT come with any line, and it is recommended that you use at least a 90lb test line when flying it.

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