Cinderella Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls - Set of 5

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 Cinderella Nesting Dolls - Set of 5

The Largest Wooden Folk Art Figure In This Set is Approx. 3.5 Inches Tall

by European Expressions 

This unique nesting doll set features 5 figures from the classic fairy-tale of Cinderella (includes the Prince with the glass slipper, fairy-godmother and more). This matryoshka (Russian for nesting doll) set comes from Belarus, a nation sandwiched between Poland and Russia. Children will love the surprise of finding the dolls inside. Adults will admire the precise hand crafting of each doll. Each figure is hollow so it can store your "secret stuff" when it is not storing the other character figure dolls.

This set is ideal for helping youngsters develop theirsize discrimination, stacking, nesting and small motor coordination.

  • 5 nested folk art dolls.   
  • Each wooden figure is hand lathed and hand painted.  
  • No two sets are exactly alike. Yours will vary slightly in color or pattern from the image represented.  
  • Ranging from approximately .6 inch to 3.5 inches tall.   
The proper way to open a nesting doll is to "crack" it open. Hold it in your hands and bend the two halves outward. You will hear a satisfying 'pop' as the two halves separate.
Ages 8 and up


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