Carved Wood Animal Ergonomic Pens - Dried Up Nice Carvings

Carved Wood Animal Ergonomic Pens - Dried Up Nice Carvings - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Squire Boone Village

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Carved Wood Animal Ergonomic Pens Set of 14


These adorable carved animal pens are the perfect items for animal themed decorations, parties, or projects. Take the pen tip out to create a new, creative and artsy wooden animal item. The ink in these pens is dried out, so the pens aren't very good for writing anymore or they will work intermittently. However, the pen tip and ink can be pulled out of the wooden animal and replaced after finding the correct replacement ink parts. If you decide to use these as pens, then their ergonomic design is sure to keep your hand and fingers comfortable. Let your imagination lead you in creating a unique art piece using these cute little carved wood animals. Animals include: Deer, Snake, Fox, Orca Whale, Elephant, Panda, Dolphin, Gorilla, Shark, Cat, Eagle, Iguana, T-Rex, Thoroughbred. Set of 14 pens. Pens measure approximately 6 inches long and 1 inch wide.

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