Buzzing Magnets Pair of 45mm Zingers MagnaBuzz


$ 4.99 


Toss the two MagnaBuzz hematite magnets into the air! As they collide and fall, they produce a screaming, clattering sound, much like a Cicada or high voltage sparking. It is amazing! They are also called orbs, magnetoids, zingers and other names. Alternatively, place them both on a low friction surface about 15 cm apart. As you turn one, the other will turn. If you spin one fast, you can observe coupling with the other what produces the sound. Great opportunity for students to test various theories! Great opportunity for teachers to use the words critical thinking and problem solving" in front of their administrators. You will receive one pair of 45mm hematite magnets. 

The following is a list of types of magnets from weakest to strongest. 

  • Steel Magnet.
  • Soft Iron Magnet.
  • Alnico Magnet.
  • Ceramic Magnet.
  • Hematite Magnet.
  • Neodymium Magnet.

Create an electrifying buzz as you toss these powerful hematite magnets into the air. Set of two 1-3/4 inch magnets packaged on a blister card.

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