Butterfly SleepyLights Multi-Color LED Night Light


$ 49.95 
SKU: ALUM-Butterfly

Butterfly SleepyLights Multi-Color LED Night Light by Aloka The Butterfly Aloka SleepyLights is the perfect calming night light for any kid's bedroom. These low heat LED soft lights have a rainbow feature that gently cycles through 12 different beautiful colors to create an atmosphere of tranquility as your child drifts off to nap time. SleepyLights offer a sleep option that automatically fades the lamp to low level light, ideal for dreamland. You can also choose the timer feature that automatically turns the lamp off after one hour of dim cool lighting. The side lamp function shines bright white, making it perfect for reading bedtime stories to your children. This innovative night light comes with a usb power supply, remote, and easy to follow instructions.

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