Bunch O'Bugs Insect Specimens - Set In Wood Frame 8x14 Specimens Vary

Bunch O'Bugs Insect Specimens - Set In Wood Frame 8x14 Specimens Vary - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Bunch O'Bugs Insect Specimens - Set In Wood Frame 
Assortments Vary

Actual Biological Specimens that can be passed around the classroom for up-close observation of a variety of insects or hung on the wall for a unique decoration. Mounted in a wooden frame with a glass cover, the Bunch O'Bugs Specimen sets vary with which specimens are placed in the shadow box. The box/frame is made from wood with a glass cover and can be mounted on a wall to make a stunning display.

Please be aware that each assortment has different insects in different arrangements. Insects will differ from the picture shown. The majority of specimens are beetles.

Insects in assortment may include:

Pachyteria dimidiate
Odontolabis mouhotii mouhotii(f)
Dicranocephalus wllichii wallichii
Odontolabis sp.(f)
Mycteristes tibetanus
Reduviolus sp.
Odontolabis cuvera fallaciosa
Batocera lineolata
Tosena splendida
Heterometrus sp.
Sagra sp.
Dorysthenes walkeri
Megaloxantha bicolor
Thaumastopeus pugnator arrowi
Prosopocoilus astacoides astacoides
Diastocera wallichi tonkinensi
Chrysochroa buqueti rugicollis
Chrysochroa purpureiventris marinae
Diastocera wallichi tonkinensis
Xylotrupes gideon


Phyllium bioculatum
Cyrptotympana aquila
Eupatorus graciliconis
Chaysochroa rajah
Pyrops sp.
Serrogonathus taurus subtaurus

Product Dimensions: 8" H x 14" W

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