Build Your Own Working V-Twin Motorcycle Engine Model, Endorsed by the Haynes Manual

Build Your Own Working V-Twin Motorcycle Engine Model, Endorsed by the Haynes Manual - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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V-Twin Motorcycle Engine Model
Endorsed by Haynes

While it is a simplified version of a real V-twin motorcycle engine, this fun project is designed to be a practical aid to understanding how a full-sized four-stroke motorcycle engine works. With over 150 parts, this model contains everything you need to assemble a working model of a V-twin engine.

Complete with its own Haynes Manual, published by the world-wide leader in automotive repair manuals, it features step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the building process. Included in the manual is a glossary of basic engine terms, a description of how an engine works. The Haynes Manual also features an introduction about the history of motorcycle engines, and a brief look at different configurations.

You'll be able to watch as the camshaft, driven by a toothed belt, operates the two valves per cylinder via rockers, with ignition timing being provided by an ignition system that has been mounted inside the engine. A sound chip, located in the base of the model, has been pre-recorded with sounds from an actual V-twin engine. The engine features a transverse crankshaft arrangement, which places the cylinders one in front of the other, which is a design featured by manufacturers like Ducati and Harley-Davidson.

Endorsed by Haynes, this is a great teaching tool for the classroom or in the garage for any motorcycle enthusiast.

**Model requires 3 AA batteries (not included). A small Phillips head screwdriver is included. We recommend that fine grit modeling sandpaper and/or a craft knife be used to trim any excess plastic on the engine parts, after they have been removed from the holdings.

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