Brown Oil Shale Sedimentary Rock - 2 Raw Pieces

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Brown Oil Shale Sedimentary Rock, 2 Pieces
by American Educational Products

Also known as kerogen shale, oil shale is an organic-rich, fine-grained sedimentary rock that contains kerogen, a solid mix of organic chemical compounds. From oil shale, liquid hydrocarbons, called shale oil, can be produced. While it can be considered a substitute for standard crude oil, it is actually more costly both in terms of production costs, as well as its environmental impact.

Oil shale has been used as a fuel for centuries, as it is capable of burning without any need to be processed. Because of this, it can find use as fuel for thermal power-plants, who use it to drive their steam turbines. They then take the resulting heat and use it as district heating, which heats homes and businesses. It also finds limited use in the production of carbon fibers, phenols, resins, tanning agents and cement, among many others, though these uses are typically on the small-scale.

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