Bright Switch - On/Off Switch Battery Powered Night Light by Westminster

Westminster, Inc.

$ 7.95 



On/Off Switch Battery Powered Night Light
by Westminster

Is your little one afraid to sleep in the dark? Is it a hassle getting up at night and turning on the lamp or overhead light when you can't see? Or maybe the power is out and you can't find a flashlight or candle. This battery powered light switch shaped night light is a great solution to these problems!

The light is powered by 3 AA batteries and is immensely convenient and easy to use. Flip the mini switch on the bottom of the Bright Switch to one of two brightness settings and then set on a night stand or end table and flip it to "ON" to turn the light on and "OFF" to turn it off. The light can also be carried. Just hold it vertically with "ON" pointing down towards the floor and "OFF" towards the ceiling. These features make Bright/Switch advantageous over other night lights that do not efficiently save power or are not as convenient to use.

  • Measures L 7" x W 3.5" x H 2"
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (Not included)
  • 2 brightness settings
  • Gives off a comfortable, warm, white light
  • Ideal for ages 5+



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