Brewster's Classic Optical Kaleidoscope: Mauve w Lavender Trim


$ 8.99 


Brewster's Classic Optical Kaleidoscope:

Mauve Marbling w Lavender Trim

Learn about optics and optical illusions with this classic kaleidoscope toy with a classic marbling twist. It features traditional twist-and-turn operation and is sure to please!  The elements inside each kaleidoscope tumble and turn as you twist the end of the the beautifully designed, marbleized barrel. Bright and pastel colors and shapes play through the viewer of this kaleidoscope to form fantastic abstract images. Beautifully marbled paper wraps enhance this 'scope with it's complex viewing patterns.

Ages 5 and above

(8.75" Long x 1 .5" Diameter)

Hand Crafted in USA by Gemini

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