Worlds Best Break Open Real Geodes Kit w 15 Premium Specimens

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Worlds Best Break Open Real Geodes Kit w 15 Premium Specimens 

By Discover with Dr Cool


  • 15 amazing, intact geodes you break open
  • Up to 5 different geodes could be yours to discover
  • Break open quartz, fluorite, calcite, amethyst and even pyrite geodes
  • Includes a pair of safety goggles for your kids
  • Perfect for a rock collection, home school science or show-and-tell
  • Great for ages over 3
Discover with Dr Cool's  Mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists with cool science kits that eeach contain genuine specimens!  This hands on kit includes ann info guide filled with cool science facts and an and activity booklet with 10 puzzles to solve.  Start your geology science adventure today!  

The geodes in this kit are millions of years old and were formed when prehistoric volcanoes erupted.  Break open these real geodes to discover the incredible crystal formations hidden inside!  The world’s best geode kit includes 15 superior quality geodes from 5 different mines across the globe so that you can experience an incredible variety of crystal formations.  You could find quartz, fluorite, calcite, or even amethyst inside these geodes!  Plus you’ll also get to explore some of our newest Gold Rush geodes!  Geodes are an amazing natural phenomenon, and cracking them open is a thrill for all ages!  The kit also includes safety goggles, a full-color information guide and booklet with 10 fun activities!  Science doesn't get any cooler than this!
  • The Break Open Geodes Kit had received the "Seal of Excellence"  from Dr Toys,
  • Tillywig Brain Child Toy Award 2014 
  • Seal of ASTRA (Learning the way through play).

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