Blocks & Marbles; Super Set by Tedco

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Blocks & Marbles; Super Set
by Tedco

 Blocks & Marbles Super Set includes 45 blocks, 14 marbles and a storage bag for mastering building skills.

TEDCO's Blocks & Marbles sets are great for developing logical, spatial and kinesthetic intelligence. Fun and educational!

  • Encourages independent play and creativity.
  • Teaches principles of gravity.
  • Teaches sequential and organizational skills.
  • Develops spatial intelligence, understanding of cause and effect, and logical intelligence.
  • Develops motor skills and kinesthetic intelligence.

With the Blocks & Marbles Super Set from TEDCO toys, children (and playful adults) will enjoy building towering maze masterpieces. There are endless ways to build and play with these beautifully smooth wooden blocks. Marbles drop through angled holes in the blocks and travel along troughs to the next block. Its like a roller coaster for marbles!

This classic wooden educational toy is made in America. The durable, high quality, USA made Blocks and Marbles Super Set is a wonderful toy for the home or for school. It will entertain a wide range of ages and can be an heirloom for generations to come. Even adults enjoy playing with this versatile building toy. With all the marvelous organic cubes of various shades of wood and the gem-like marbles, anything you build is going to be an artistic sculpture. And the best aspect of this toy, as you have fun building your mind and body are learning.

Set Includes:

  • 45 hardwood blocks
  • 14 marbles
  • storage bag
Ages 5 and up


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