Blast Pad Pro Air Bolt Advanced Missile Launch System by Marky Sparky

Marky Sparky

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Blast Pad Pro Air Bolt Missile Launching System
by Marky Sparky

The question on everyone's mind is "how high does it go?" The problem with answering that is that it all depends on who is jumping on it, and how fast they smash down on the pad; faster feet are better than bigger feet, in this instance. Your jaw will drop when you see the missiles rocketing away at upwards of 90 feet per second. The Blast Pad Pro Air Bolt is second-to-none when it comes to distance and time spend in the air. Its proprietary missile is so durable with its foam nosecone and lightweight plastic body and fins, that your shoes will probably wear out from tracking down the missiles before one of them gives out.

The Blast Pad Pro Air Bolt includes a blast pad launcher and 3 missiles, each one measuring approximately 25" in length.

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