Black & Silver AirZooka Air Gun Blaster Blows 'em Away

Can You Imagine

$ 29.95 
SKU: CYI2890

 AirZooka!  Black Wiith Silver Trim
by Can You Imagine

The AirZooka is a hand-held device that can blow a "ball" of air towards an object or person. Just hold onto the handle and pull back the plastic diaphragm, and you're locked and loaded. Make sure that the targeting scope is up, or if you're feeling lucky, keep it down and just shoot from the hip! Pick your victim, and then let go to blast them with a harmless ball of air.


Fun for Kidz:

  • Blast your family  & friends.  
  • Try some indoor target practice.  
  • Buy more than one and Play Air Tag with a Friend!

Fun for Grown-Upz:

  • Blast your grumpy old boss.  
  • Blow away that pesky co-worker.  

Ages 6 and up

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