Biohazard Stay Out Barricade Tape

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Biohazard Stay Out Barricade Tape


This Biohazard Stay Out Tape is the perfect item to top off a seriously funny prank! The bright yellow, non-adhesive tape, is just like the ones you've seen in movies and reads "BIOHAZARD - STAY OUT". If you are looking for comedy props or gag gifts, then this Biohazard Barricade Tape is a good idea. Great for blocking off supposedly hazardous areas such as a messy bedroom, a kitchen mess, or even a bathroom! You could even block off the boss's office or parking spot! This tape can make a funny gag gift to the family or friend prankster. Use the tape to ward off curious fingers from touching your art work or projects. Tape measures approximately 50 feet in length.


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