6" Glass Bigfoot Ornament, by Accoutrements

6" Glass Bigfoot Ornament, by Accoutrements - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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6" Tall Glass Bigfoot Ornament
by Accoutrements


This 6 inch tall Bigfoot Figure is just the ornament you have been looking for! Legends of the Sasquatch has intrigued thousands of people for decades! Claims of sightings and horrible photographs continue to feed the obsession with finding a real Bigfoot! Obviously Bigfoot just wants to be left alone. Living a secluded life off the grid, he keeps to himself and avoids human contact. This detailed glass figure mixes scientific evidence and a little assumption to offer what must truly be an accurate representation of Bigfoot! Now, Sasquatch can be at home in your tree. This Bigfoot comes with a string for hanging, but can also stand on its own as a tabletop decoration.

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