Big Bang Rocket Outdoors Missile Toss and Bang!

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Can You Imagine

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Big Bang Rocket
Outdoors Missile Toy
It's "Green" It's Easy It's Safe
It's Fun!
Can You Imagine turning a small piece of old newspaper into hours of fun? Can You Imagine a rocket that uses newspaper to create a BIG BANG landing?  Can You Imagine playing with your rocket on a ny hard or soft surface such as grass, sand or concrete? Well, it's been imagined and brought to life.  Remember "caps"?  They uysed to be the only way to create a big bang.  Well this is better, safer and it recycles old newspaper.  Just tear or cut a small piece of newspaper and insert it into the Big Bang Rocket.  Grab the tail, toss it in the air and wait for teh BIG BANG.  Use it over and over for hours of fun.  Works on any surface even soft surfaces like grass or sand!  Check out YouTube to see it in action.
Ages 5 and up.

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