Be Amazing Toys Growing Gators Science Experiment Kit - A PBS Kids Toy

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Growning Gators - Science Magic Growing Toy

More that 20 Activities

By Steve Spangler Science & Be Amazing Toys

Don't worry, they're not real alligators! In this early-learning science adventure, kids 4 and up uncover the secrets of super-thirsty growing creatures. Predict how large gators will grow, measure their size, capture a science gator in an unbreakable test tube, experiment with a special water-absorbing powder, and more! This kit includes adult instructions as well as kid cards that Pre-K learners can use to follow along and keep track of their Growing Gators!

Kit Includes:

  • 4 Gators that Grow in Water
  • 1 Test Tube with Cap
  • 1 Small Dish
  • 1 Packet of Water Gel
  • Complete Instructions for parents and Kids

Ages 4 and up

A little Wonder goes a long way.  PBS Kids and Be Amazing Toys encourage  you and your child to explore the world together!

Using the expanding polymers provided, grow your own pet Gators; 4 of them!! The kit also includes the secrets to the powder that makes them grow. Discover what  the gator  has in common with with baby diapers! Use them  to make water disappear. How cool is that?  the Gators start out at small  and keep on growing!!  You can dry them out and they will shrink again.  They can be used over and over.


100% of the net proceeds that PBS Kids receives from your purchase of this kit helps to encourage all children to discover who they are and what they can do. Thank You!

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