Be Amazing! Test Tube Wonders Science Activity Kit

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Test Tube Wonders Science Activity Kit
by Be Amazing!
Grow A Test Tube Creature!
Grow Colored Crystals and Capture A Rainbow!
  A great gift for kids interested in science or just super cool things! 15 great activities in one little bag! Learn the secret of the giant test tube.  Make up a pile of Insta-Snow.  Experiment with water-proof sand.  Use the sun to make white beads instantly change colors.  Grow a test tube dinosaur, or learn how to make water disappear.  Make squishy jelly crystals, color them and make your own rainbow tube.
Kit contains:
5 Large Test Tubes with Lids
Test Tube Rack
Energy Beads
Growing Dino
Jelly Crystals
Magic Sand
Ages 8 and up.

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