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Be Amazing! Test Tube Adventures Science Activity Kit

Be Amazing Toys

$ 18.95 
SKU: BAT4420

Test Tube Adventures Science Activity Kit
by Be Amazing!
Learn About Membranes In Substances
Play With Touchable Bubbles
Learn Why Bubbles Float
A great gift for kids interested in science or just super cool things! 15 great activities in one little bag! Learn the secret of the giant test tube.  Play with touchable bubbles, they don't pop! Learn how plastic molding works by making your own super bouncing ball, make up to 20 feet of slimy, gooey Insta-Worms. Write secret messages with disappearing ink you make yourself.
Kit contains:
Test Tubes
Test Tube Rack
Worm Goo and Activator
Pre-Colored Crystals
Special Bubble Solution
Disappearing Ink
Bouncing Ball Powder and Mold
Ages 8 and up.

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