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Be Amazing! Science Detective: Be A Science Sleuth Forensics Kit

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Science Detective: Be A Science Sleuth Forensics Kit

Learn the Secrets of the Elastic Wire
Evaluate Cloth Fibers for Clues!
Analyze Ink In Pens!
  A great gift for kids interested in science or just super cool things! 15 great activities in one little bag! Learn the secret of the giant test tube.  Become a super science sleuth as you unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the Science Professor. Using eight suspect cards with clues and your best science skills, you can discover who the culprit is. Learn about special Memory Wire. Decipher hidden messages. Analyze fibers, links and much, much more. Great for parties!
Kit contains:
Elastic Wire, Suspect Cards, Lab Worker Cards, UV Light with Invisible Ink Pen, Glow-in-Dark Scorpion, Vinyl Glow Paper, Zinc Sulfide Powder, Filter Paper, UV Beads, 3 Types Fiber Samples, Magnifier, Instructions.
Ages 8 and up.

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